Conor McGregor Is Back On His Bullshit

Conor McGregor is going to finally fight again. But before he gets into the cage, he’s going to be behind a microphone. And we should all be so thankful.

On Thursday, the UFC held a press conference for McGregor and his next victim, Khabib Nurmagomedov. The event started on McGregor time (about 40 minutes late), but was well worth it. Here are the highlights:

Those highlights actually suck because, for some reason, the UFC didn’t want to show the best stuff. Here are the real highlights:

  • McGregor opening the press conference by burying Dana White for not allowing fans into the building
  • McGregor calling Khabib a “backward cunt” for not drinking
  • McGregor taking credit for any UFC success
  • “If he got off the bus, he’d be in a box and I’d be in a cell” – Conor
  • McGregor sneaking in his whiskey, promoting his whiskey and announcing that the whiskey will sponsor the event
  • McGregor digging up dirt on Khabib on some Pusha T-Drake s**t.
  • Khabib probably said something funny. I don’t know. No one was really listening to him.

McGregor has completely lost it. He’s off the rails and I love it. MMA is the dumbest sport in the world and it needs someone as crazy as McGregor.

Khabib was actually doing well in this press conference, sitting there in silence and taking the jabs. He screwed up when he tried to get into an argument with Conor. You can’t argue with Conor. He’s too sharp and too loud.

This feud was kicked into high gear over the summer when Conor threw a dolly at the bus occupied Khabib. Khabib stayed on the bus while Conor was arrested. Of course, nothing actually happened to Conor and instead of going to jail, he’s going to make millions.

The King is back.

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