Victoria’s Secret ‘Model Squad’ Star Daniela Braga Didn’t Know English When She Came to America

Jackie Chan used to tell a story of how he knew so little English when he came to America from Hong Kong that his friend had to tell him how to order breakfast, telling the actor just to tell the waiter “Eggs, bacon, toast, coffee.” When he went into a restaurant to try it, the waiter asked him how he wanted his eggs and he replied “Yes. Bacon, toast, coffee.”

I don’t know if that story is actually true, but Daniela Braga, one of the stars of E! Network’s Model Squad, told a similar story about coming to America to Page Six.

When Braga was starting her career in NYC in 2011, she knew only two English words — “hello” and “goodbye” — and had a hard time communicating with clients. “People assumed I was just a stupid model because I couldn’t express myself [in English],” she recalled.

Braga has since learned to speak four languages, being fluent in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, and she says the women she admires aren’t models.

“The women I look up to the most are outside of the fashion industry,” Braga said. “Like Michelle Obama and Angelina Jolie.”

I dunno, she’s clearly not a “stupid model,” but maybe she wants to read up on Angelina Jolie now that she knows English. That bitch is cray. That’s like saying the person you most admire is Louis C.K. Sure, he’s a great comic, but he’s also an unwanted masturbator and that has to factor in at some point.

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