Dustin Johnson Gets His Tiger Woods On, Allegedly Cheats on Paulina Gretzky

Dustin Johnson learned from the best. And by “learn” I mean what he does off the course. And by “the best” I mean Tiger Woods.

According to reports, Johnson cheated on Paulina Gretzky with some girl named Yassie Safai. Safai has denied that she’s in a relationship with Dustin.

Denying a relationship currently isn’t the same as denying hooking up.

I met Dustin Johnson at Sherwood Country Club. I have run into him at Sherwood maybe 4 times since then and yes briefly spoke with him, like I’m sure any avid golfer and member would. I am sure he is a great person but, we do not have a close friendship.

I have never met Paulina Gretzky and do not know the Gretzky family, but again, I am sure they are great people.

I don’t believe that 3 retweets on my Twitter means that I am expressing my adoration for someone. Yes, I have retweeted 3 Dustin Johnson tweets.
I have no insight into the rumors around Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky’s relationship. I wish them nothing but the best.

I just want to go back to living my normal life.

Dustin Johnson addressed the allegations on his Twitter account.

At least Dustin got this out of the way before Thanksgiving. That’s one thing he didn’t take away from Tiger Wood. Oh, and winning majors.

Paulina has yet to comment on the allegations but she did scrub her instagram clean of any pictures of Johnson. Which means we get more pictures like this:

For the life of me I’ll never understand how people cheat when they go home to that every night.

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