Emily Ratajkowski Is Topless in a Jungle

I don’t know what Emily Ratajkowski is doing topless in a jungle, but I’m not going to complain about it either.

Any excuse to post photos and videos of Ratajkowski, right?

The supermodel recently talked to PopSugar about her body.

“It’s literally just my body…. For women, it’s such a huge part of our identity. When my female friends describe someone, they’re like, ‘She has wide hips.’ At a certain point, you think, Does that matter? Then you meet them, and it’s all about the way they carry themselves. I know this from my own experience. I meet so many beautiful women, and maybe they wouldn’t be a professional model, but they carry themselves well. I always say that to people.”

Ratajkowski certainly carries herself well.

Can’t stand when women photoshop like that.

Happy EmRata Day.

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