Farrah Abraham Will Train Naked For Money

Farrah Abraham is training super hard for her upcoming celebrity boxing bout against Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander.

If you want to watch Farrah work out for the bout, guess what, you can. HBO cameras will be there to capture the whole thing as part of their “HBO 24/7: Abraham vs. Hoopz” series.

No, not really.

Instead, if you want to watch the workout you’ll have to sign up for some porn site called CamSoda. Not only can you view her working the speed bag, pounding the heavy bag, and jumping rope like a pro, you can view her doing it while naked. And all you have to do is spend like a thousand bucks. A fair price to pay to view a woman who has already done a sex tape naked.

CamSoda told TMZ that Abraham will wear four different outfits during the workout. And whoever tips the most will win one of those outfits. Yup, a Farrah Abraham sweat-filled outfit can be yours to cuddle and smell on those lonely nights.

Despite this obvious publicity stunt, Farrah has been training hard for her boxing match. She’s been all over Snapchat, posting updates with filters. She’s also posted some video to Instagram.

She even checked Floyd Mayweather in a celebrity boxing game.

If she didn’t use that time with Floyd to get some pointers in the ring, what was the point of getting in the ring?

The big match goes down on November 10. If you haven’t purchase the pay-per-view yet, what are you waiting for? It’s going to be as big as Logan Paul vs. KSI.

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