Here’s Your Emmy Wrap-Up: Winners, Losers and Donald Glover’s ‘White Like Me’ Act

The big news out of Emmy night is we got a look at what the comedy category is probably going to look like after Veep is off the air, and that’s domination by Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which took home eight statues between last night’s ceremony and last weekend’s Creative Arts Emmy awards, which also saw Outstanding Animated Program go to Rick and Morty, which beat the only good episode The Simpsons has done in five years.

I was completely unsurprised by the wins for Mrs. Maisel, it really was one of the best shows on television this year. Sure, it wasn’t as joke-dense as some shows, but it found a good balance of comedy and drama the way I haven’t really seen a TV show pull off since How I Met Your Mother.

I was kind of surprised by the big Best Drama win for Game of Thrones. Sure, it was no Twin Peaks but it was a hell of a season of television. I just thought voters would take the chance to make a statement by giving the statue to The Handmaid’s Tale. Game of Thrones isn’t a natural choice for an Emmy because action-adventure shows almost never do well, even when they have production values as high as Thrones.

The big robberies of the night happened to Lena Headey and Ed Harris, though. Headey is the best villain in the history of television, period. And I like John Oliver as much as the next guy, but there’s no way his droning explainers compare to Sarah Silverman’s brilliant I Love You, America. Come on, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, get your s**t together.

And who the hell decided to give an Emmy to that episode of Black Mirror with the message that being nice to a computer program is more important than being nice to people? Oh, wait, that’s every episode, this is the one where computer programs are better than people in Star Trek outfits.

Hannah Gadsby presented an award that lead a lot of people to take to social media and exclaim that she should be the host of the Emmys next year. I think she’d be good host for an awards show, because if you want someone to intermittently tell jokes that aren’t funny in-between applause breaks, you may as well get someone who’s built their career doing that.

Donald Glover came to the show dressed as Teddy Perkins from his show Atlanta, complete with white face makeup, just in case he won best actor. Once that award somehow went to Bill Hader, Glover went back to being himself, confusing some people who went “Wait, if that’s Donald Glover, who’s the guy in the White Like Me costume?”

But the night’s biggest winner and possibly the only real moment in an awards show since Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globes and called everyone out on their dumb Hollywood bullshit is Glenn Weiss, who accepted his Emmy for directing The Oscars, by proposing to his girlfriend. As much as I’d be okay to live in a world where it’s illegal for awards shows to give awards to other awards shows, it was a sweet moment, one people will talk about in every listicle about The Emmys from now until the end of time.

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