If You Want to See Batman’s Dick, You Better Hurry to a Comic Book Store

You may not have known this, since you can’t even have a meet-cute without tripping over half a dozen comic book movies, but comic book sales have been on a pretty downward trajectory since… I dunno, probably the 90s. Marvel and DC have both done a lot to inject some life into their sales, and one of the most common ploys is the “mature readers” comic.

Back in the 1980s, there were a slew of successful mature readers titles from DC, things like Watchmen and The Sandman that have since come to be regarded as classics. Usually these books focus on lesser characters or new ones entirely, but they do sometimes feature major characters.

Wednesday, DC released Batman: Damned, the first comic in DC’s “Black Label” imprint. In it, you can see Batman’s dick. Seriously? You want to see Batman’s dick? Click here, it’s all the Batdick you can handle (clearly NSFW).

The comic had been on stands for less than a day when DC announced that all future printings would have Batman’s cock removed. They also removed it from the digital editions people have already bought. By removed I mean they edited it out of the artwork, they didn’t like, cut it off. But if you want a copy of a comic book with Batman’s dick in it, you better get down to a comic book store fast.

It’s been a big week for dicks, all told. We had Batman’s dick in a comic, a description of the president’s video game character dick and Elon Musk is getting sued. There’s dicks everywhere, it’s like a party at Ariel Winter’s house.

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