Diversity Win? J.K. Rowling Made the Evil Snake From ‘Harry Potter’ Into an Asian Lady

J.K. Rowling is famous for making random proclamations on Twitter about Harry Potter characters to make the story retroactively more diverse because she didn’t bother to write any characters that weren’t either white, anti-Semitic caricatures of bankers or Cho Chang in seven entire books. It’s the second most annoying Harry Potter related thing on Twitter. So when people ask her questions like “Why didn’t you write any gay characters” she’ll send out a tweet about how Dumbledore was gay, he was just celibate because of a romance gone wrong in his youth. And then when she writes about Dumbledore and said relationship in a movie, she gives no indication they were ever a couple. It’s a whole thing.

Rowling’s latest nod to diversity is making Voldemort’s mindless pet snake an Asian woman. See, there was a major Asian character in Harry Potter all along. I’m seriously not making this up, by the way.

Apparently, the snake was something called a “maledictus,” which is someone who can turn into an animal but eventually gets stuck as that animal and can’t turn back and that was never mentioned in any of the previous Harry Potter books or movies but was totally there the whole time.

She also made a Jewish kid up on the spot one time.

Okay, she didn’t actually make him up on the spot. She made a list of all the students in Harry’s grade when she was writing the books. She just never bothered to ever mention most of them, including Anthony Goldstein in any of the books. But he was totally there the whole time. Like Dawn from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I think it’s great that Rowling is making an effort to make Harry Potter more diverse. I mean, she isn’t doing that, but she is trying to get credit for doing it, and that should count as much as actually doing it.

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