Jaden Smith Won’t Buy Nike Clothing to Wear or Burn

Jaden Smith had no time for TMZ and their questions about Colin Kaepernick and Nike. 

Smith states that he loves Kaepernick, but he’s not wearing Nike. Why? Because he’s signed to New Balance.

Yeah, that’s a pretty good reason. Then again, Dana White and the UFC have a deal with Reebok and he was caught wearing all Nike gear not too long ago. I’m sure we’ll catch Jaden in some Nike gear down the line 

My favorite part of this whole video is Jaden riding a scooter to get away from the TMZ guy. How the hell did the TMZ guy even keep up with him? Either this dude is in great shape and probably deserves a raise or he had a scooter of his own. 

Stop bothering these celebrities at the airport, TMZ. Especially if they’re using a motorized vehicle to get the hell away from you. Or at least ask them better questions. 

Through Jaden’s deal with New Balance, he’s developed a line called G-Style. Jaden told GQ that his inspirations are the line are Tyler, The Creator, Batman, and Poseidon. All three sound 100 percent like Jaden Smith answers.

Jaden famously wore a Batman suit to his prom and to Kim and Kanye’s wedding, feeling the need to protect everyone there. I’m sure the 50 security guards they hired for their wedding were no doubt thankful that teenage Jaden Smith was there in his Batman suit. 

Nike and Colin Kaepernick made headlines this week when the two partnered for Nike’s 30th Anniversary campaign. A bunch of white people and angry military types who still think this is about the flag got back at the company by burning their Nike gear that they had already paid for. 

They sure showed them. Could have just bought New Balance gear. Jaden Smith will never let you down.

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