Kendall Jenner Is Nude And People Find That Funny

Kendall Jenner has been nude before. But she’s never been nude this often.

Nude photos from Russell James’ upcoming book Angels have leaked (site NSFW) onto the internet. A simple Google search will yield you the results you’re looking for. In the photos, Jenner is running on a beach, hanging out in trees, and riding horses. All without clothing.

You would think people would sympathize with Jenner over the leaked photos. But since the photos were going to be featured in an upcoming book anyway, social media didn’t hold back.

Ya’ll need to leave Kendall alone. You don’t want momma Kris shutting down Twitter fo this. And don’t doubt Kris shutting down the entire social media platform. Because she can do it.

It’s all fun and games until Kris Jenner shows up to put everyone in their place.

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