Kris Jenner Forgot to Dress Kanye West, Goes Out In MAGA Hat And Colin Kaepernick Sweatshirt

NBC / Jimmy Kimmel

Kanye West is a very confused man.

In an effort to…I don’t know, be Kanye West? The rapper was caught wearing a Make America Great Again hat combined with a Colin Kaepernick sweatshirt.

In case you don’t know, Trump hates Kaepernick for being black. And Kaepernick hates Trump for being racist. The two sides will likely never get along, but maybe, just maybe, Kanye is trying to bring them together. Or…let’s explore other reasons Kanye would mix the two clothing items together:

-Kris Jenner forgot to pick out his clothes.
-Kanye is doing anything he can to make headlines in an effort to promote his new album. Yes, Kanye is already releasing another new album.
-Kanye is riding the fence. I was always taught that you should never straddle the fence, especially if you’re a boy.
-Kanye thought the outfit matched.
-We finally know the truth: Kanye can’t read. He actually has no clue what is on the red hat or white sweatshirt. For all he knows, both of them say “Kanye is the best” because that’s what Kim told him they say. In Kanye’s world, everything reads “Kanye is the best.” Don’t dismiss this theory.
-Kanye actually has no clue what’s going on with Colin Kaepernick. He thinks Kaepernick is not in the league because he’s a backup quarterback that no one wants and doesn’t realize no one wants the attention that comes with him. And that the majority of NFL owners are probably racist.
-Kanye is just supporting Nike
-Seriously, it’s definitely Kris Jenner forgot to pick out his clothes. That’s the most logical explanation.

Good luck to Kanye. I don’t know what for. He just seems like a guy who needs to be wished well right now.

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