Machine Gun Kelly Needs Help Beating Up Some Rando Actor Named G-Rod

Machine Gun Kelly is trying to prove he’s tough by having his body guards beat up people.

Kelly is currently beefing with Eminem over comments made by Kelly towards Eminem’s daughter Hailie. Kelly called her “hot as f**k” when she was 16. Needless to say, the always angry Eminem wasn’t too thrilled.

The two have traded diss tracks and while MGK put out the catchier tune, Eminem bodied him with bars.

Enter actor Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez, who called MGK a “pussy” for talking about a 16-year-old the way MGK did.

G-Rod claims that MGK and his crew jumped him following an altercation at Twin Peaks Sports Bar & Restaurant. G-Rod told WSB that the two were seated next to each other when things started to pop off. G-Rod was kicked out of the bar and he figured that was the end of that. However, when he returned to his hotel, that’s when things took a turn for the worse.

G-Rod alleges that five bodyguards assaulted him. He filed a police report, but says he’ll drop the lawsuit if MGK agrees to meet him in a sanctioned fight. G-Rod is a pretty big dude and MGK might be 120 pounds soaking wet. I would place a good bet on G-Rod coming up with the victory.

Kelly’s team says that G-Rod started the fight, but hotel footage shows his team chasing after him. So either he started it and ran away like a bitch, bitch. Or Kelly’s team is lying. Always believe footage over dudes hired to protect a famous person.

It’s funny that Kelly is surrounded by at least five bodyguards who beat up some D-list actor after accusing Eminem of always being surrounded by bodyguards and being afraid to actually fight. MGK just keeps taking losses.

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P.Red Rojo Birch
P.Red Rojo Birch
4 years ago

I hate MGK. What a puss, no offense to actual genitalia. He’s a sterotype; tattoos/honkyurbanite, prob. has pitbull. Walks tuff with a crew of dorks, who do the heavy lifting. I wish he’d trip and impale his uvila on that dumb toothpick he flicks around like a douche. Oh, “they called me machine gun because of my super fast rapping”. wow. shut up. Good for him though that he found a niche to spaz out in and make some cash. I respect that. The rest tho, is bollocks. I hope he has that sanctioned fight with g-rod actor guy. The… Read more »