Nelly No Longer Sweating, Settles With Rape Accuser

It’s no longer hot in hurrr for Nelly.

On Thursday, TMZ reports that the rapper settled with his rape accuser. In October 2017, Monique Greene accused Nelly of raping her in Seattle on his tour bus. After the incident, Greene stated she was kicked off the bus and a $100 bill was thrown at her.

Nelly actually countersued and claimed that the two had consensual sex. He also stated that Greene damaged his reputation as an artist. Nah man, your last three albums did that. Nelly actually had the audacity to claim that the allegations hurt him in “promoting upcoming albums.” Dude hasn’t dropped an album since 2013. He released an extended play in 2018, but trust me, this lawsuit didn’t hurt the promotion. Nelly releasing music in 2018 hurt the promotion.

The case was actually dropped in December when Green refused to cooperate.

Nelly’s lawyer claims that both parties dismissed the case and that no money was exchanged. Greene’s lawyer says money was exchanged.

Of course money was exchanged. No claim like this simply gets dropped without a payoff. Years of paying attention to celebrity sexual assault claims have taught me this. Who knows how much Greene got from Nelly, but she definitely got something. Nelly, like any celebrity, would rather throw thousands at the claim victim than throw millions at lawyers and go through the mental stress of a hearing.

Nelly has yet to comment on social media about the settlement. And he probably won’t comment because that too would hurt future album promotion. The best thing Nelly can do right now is crawl back into his hole and only come out of it when the “Band-Aid on the cheek” trend comes back around.

And you know it’s about to come back around with all these rappers getting regrettable face tattoos.

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