Ron Jeremy Got Hit by a Car, But Still Made His Debut as a Runway Model

Runway models come in all shapes and sizes these days. Gone are the days of only tall, thin models waifing their way down the runway. And if you need proof of this, Ron Jeremy just made his New York Fashion Show debut.

Yes, even a fat dude in his 60s with Sasquatch-like amounts of body hair who is famous for sucking his own dick can be a runway model now.

But Jeremy almost missed his big moment because he was hit by a car a few weeks ago. He shared the story with Page Six.

“About three weeks ago I was struck by a car as I was walking on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. The car ran over my foot. I’ve been wearing a cast on my foot for weeks,” the adult film star, famously nicknamed “The Hedgehog,” told Page Six on Tuesday. “I was nervous I might not be able to walk the catwalk. I have been healing but I am still in a lot of pain.”

Despite the pain, Jeremy walked in Nina Athanasiou’s presentation this week.

“I believe the adrenaline that night kicked in and I didn’t even notice my foot while I was on the catwalk,” he continued. “It wasn’t until later that I dealt with the pain again. I was so happy and having so much fun in the moment that I guess pain didn’t even matter.”

I mean, it’s nice that things have worked out for him. He’s had such a rough go of it, spending his life getting paid to have unprotected sex with beautiful women half his age. It’s good for him to be in a nice, low-pressure job like runway modeling which has absolutely never caused anyone to develop an unhealthy lifestyle.

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