Ryan Reynolds Is in a Serious Twitter Beef With Paddington Bear

Deadpool may be able to immediately heal from pretty much any wound, but Ryan Reynolds needs to remember he doesn’t have that same power in real life before he messes with bears on the Internet. Reynolds, completely unprovoked, decided to just come for a bear when he was celebrating his People’s Choice Award nominations.

That takes some serious balls. You don’t mess with bears. Did you see what a bear did to Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant? I’ll give you a hint: the bear was Asia Argento and Leo was Jimmy Bennett (allegedly). Man, two days ago I’d have used Harvey Weinstein for that punchline.

Well, Hugh Bonneville is British, no one is afraid of them unless they’re also bears. He’s powerless ever since Downton Abbey ended and all his servants were released into the wild, anyway. Maybe Ryan is safe.

I told you not to f**k with bears. Maybe Paddington didn’t notice this though.

Oh snap, you better be able to run faster than T.J. Miller, Ryan. He’s coming for you. You’re going to be pulling tiny Wellingtons out of the deepest reaches of your anus now.

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