Sexy Pictures of Bowser from ‘Super Mario Brothers’ Is Basically Why We Invented the Internet

If you’ve been on Twitter or Reddit or probably any social media website in the past few days, you’ve probably noticed all your friends are passing around pictures of Bowser from Super Mario Brothers as a sexy lady, because all your friends are perverts.

It all started with the reveal that an upcoming Super Mario Brothers game would feature a power-up called the Super Crown that turns Toadette, a character who looks like a female version of Donald Trump’s dick, into Princess Peach. A cartoonist was inspired to post this comic to Twitter after seeing it, featuring Bowser using the Super Crown to turn into Peach.

Of course, the internet is full of perverts who immediately wanted to f**k the Princess Peach/Bowser mash-up. Seriously, that tweet isn’t even a week old and people are wearing “Bowsette” costumes to conventions.

I mean, okay, that’s pretty hot. But those girls would look that hot dressed up as anyone.

There were also lots of pervy pictures drawn of this new character. And I mean lots.

Okay, so obviously being pervy about cartoon characters is like lighting the fucking Bat-signal for Japan, right? Things got really interesting when Japanese comic book artists started drawing Bowsette. Like, famous ones.

Here’s a drawing by Yusuke Murata, the artist on One Punch Man.

And this one is from Bukubo Okawa, who created the viral hit Pop Team Epic.

Coolkyoushinja, the writer and artist of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid did one, too.

There were so many of these drawings that people were making memes about how often they were seeing this meme, which was every single post on Twitter.

People even started making sexy versions of other Mario Brothers characters, like Sexy Boo.

People are going to be genuinely disappointed when the new Mario game comes out and there’s nothing to jack off to in it.

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