Suge Knight Is Going to Jail for Murder, Surprising a World That Thought He Was Already in Jail

I’m about to tell you the least surprising sentence in the history of the written word: Suge Knight is going to jail for killing someone. The only surprising thing about that is that it isn’t for killing Biggie or Eazy-E. Knight plead no contest to manslaughter. CNN had the details of the plea agreement.

Knight, 53, is scheduled to be sentenced October 4 and in exchange for his plea, prosecutors are calling for a sentence of 28 years in prison.

Two other criminal cases against Knight will be dismissed at sentencing.

Knight was accused in January 2015 of running over two men, killing one of them, during an argument.

Knight had faced one count of murder for the death of Terry Carter and one count of attempted murder in the case of Cle “Bone” Sloan, who was maimed after Knight allegedly struck the pair with his truck.

Knight was pretty much dead to rights, so to speak, with video evidence of him committing the murder.

The two men appear to talk for a few moments, with Knight still in his vehicle. Suddenly, the vehicle backs up, knocking Sloan to the ground. While still in reverse, the truck moves out of range of the security camera.

The vehicle is then seen zooming forward, back into camera range, running over Sloan a second time, and then running over a second man, Carter, a former rap music label owner.
Carter later died.

Knight is 53 and he’ll be in jail for the next 28 years (probably minus time served, since he’s been held in prison since his arrest because he failed to post the $10 million bail), so when he gets out the only people he’ll be running over are shoppers at the local farmer’s market. Those are prime killing people over minor business disagreement years that Knight will be missing out on.

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