‘Tha Carter V’ Is Finally Coming and I’m Prepared For It to Suck

Tha Carter V is finally coming. Unless it’s not. Excuse me if I don’t exactly believe Lil Wayne on delivering the album that has been promised for years until it’s actually in my iTunes.

Many — as in, the entire friggin internet — thought the album was going to be released last Friday. And it went by like any other Friday. But Wayne himself has confirmed that the album will be available this Friday.

Again, I’ll believe it when I see it.

The real question is, will it be worth it?

And the answer is no. No disrespect to Lil Wayne, but he hasn’t put up a good compilation of songs since 2009 when No Ceilings was released. Tha Carter IV sold well, but was musically lacking. People have grown tired of hearing him come up with new terminology for his dick and sexual prowess.

We get it. You fucked a chick against the mail box and called it a special delivery. And then you fucked her again next week and called it return service.

The album was reportedly recorded from 2013 to 2018, which means the first track could sound drastically different from the final track. That in and of itself it scary. 2013 Wayne was in and out of the hospital and creatively tapped out. It didn’t get much better in the following years as he suffered multiple seizures. I have no clue what 2018 Wayne will sound like. His mixtape released earlier this year was fine, but nothing I can remember.

I wish Tha Carter V just remained Wayne’s Detox. The album that was better in theory than it was executed. Because I’m extremely worried about the execution of this album.

Hey, maybe Tha Carter V will suck to the point that Wayne releases a surprise album 10 months from now firing back at all the critics. It worked for Eminem.

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Eddie Lavender
Eddie Lavender
5 years ago

Lil Wayne has been thru alot to get his album back from birdman and I think your a real piece of s**t for your bullshit language you SUCK AND SUCK

5 years ago

I think you are right. Wayne’s next project will be way better than Tha Carter V. He is still a superstar. the Carter III is his best so far. I think this album is for his hardcore fans and his sexual messages do not resonate well with other people, they are catchy but they become monotonous.Having said that though, his fans like him for that. Tha Carter III on the other hand was for anyone into Hip Hop.