Tinder Reveals Terrible New Feature in India

If you’re in India, a woman, and on Tinder, this is the article for you. If you don’t fit that criteria, you can still read because chances are these features will soon come to Tinder America.

The dating app in India announced a new feature called “My Move,” which allows women to prevent men from messaging them first.

“From user feedback, we have understood that while some women would prefer to exclusively make the first move, many other women do not want to feel like they have to — so we are giving them the ability to choose,” Tinder executive Taru Kapoor told CNN.

The feature was implemented in India because crimes against women are so high.

Around 100 instances of sexual assault are reported to Indian police every day, according to figures from the National Crime Records Bureau. The data show there were 39,000 rapes in India in 2016.

That sounds bad, but the numbers are far worse in America. The lowest number of reported rapes in America since 1990 was 82,000 in 2013. Basically, the entire world sucks and we should stop sexually assaulting everyone.

Allowing women to make the first move on Tinder probably won’t solve much if the women still decide to give the men a chance and they turn out to be creeps.

If anything, you’re putting more pressure on the female by having her initiate the conversation. So, if it goes wrong, it’s not the male’s fault. He’s not the person who started the whole thing.

Basically, this is a bad idea and Tinder should probably adopt a new strategy. A strategy that involves some sort of actual background check before anyone with a fake email address can sign up for the app. And men should stop sucking so hard.

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