Ben Affleck One Step Closer to Boning All the Playmates He Wants

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s divorce trudges on. These celeb divorces take so long, must be all the money they have. Or maybe they get a few more press mentions by dragging it out.

These two have been planning their divorce since 2015 after Affleck reportedly boned his nanny. Since then, it’s been rehab, Playboy Playmates and huge, ill-advised phoenix tattoos.

Garner and Affleck finally signed their divorce papers recently, but it’s STILL not official. Aflleck swung by Garner’s home to iron the details and then eventually signed his marriage release, errr…divorce. Playmates, please line up to the left in an orderly fashion.

The two will still need to “use a private judge who will then need to submit the docs to the court for the papers to get stamped.” Everyone getting paid off divorces. A private judge needs to deliver this to the court? Scam.

It’s no wonder it’s taking so long though. Garner and Affleck have three kids: Violet, 12, Seraphina, 9, and Samuel, 6. They also have an approximate $190 million fortune. So that means deciding how much the kids get, tuition, living expenses, etc. Also, how much should be allocated to Affleck’s booze fund.

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