Emily Ratajkowski Really Likes Wearing Jackets Without Shirts Underneath Them

This is a fashion trend I was not aware actually existed but that I have asked ex-girlfriends to model for me: Wearing a jacket with nothing on underneath it. I know, I can’t believe it’s a thing either, but Emily Ratajkowski apparently dresses like that all the time. Just look at her Instagram.

Jacket, no shirt.

Jacket, no shirt or pants.

Jacket, no shirt or pants but knee-high boots.

Jacket, no shirt, bike shorts.

Jacket, no shirt. She wears that look a lot.

No jacket, no shirt, unfortunate mosaic to keep from being banned from Instagram. #freethenipple

And she’s not just wearing this look for hits or likes or thumbs or whatever the hell you get on Instagram, according to The Daily Mail she goes out in public with this “just a jacket” look. I could barely get my exes to run from their car to my door in just a jacket, and she’s walking around town making that look work.

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