Fan Bingbing’s ‘Air Strike’ Scrapped After She Disappears Despite Reappearing

Back in September, Chinese authorities disappeared Fan Bingbing due to tax evasion from yin yang movie contracts. These were separate contracts where one would be a public reporting of a lower salary for taxes while a secret contract paid a higher salary. She was recently fined $130 million and posted a public apology on her socials.

On Wednesday, she was finally spotted in public at the Beijing airport. An hour later, news came out that the release of Bruce Willis’ film Air Strike, which was planned to take place in 2 weeks, was canceled because of Fan’s “disappearance”. Which doesn’t make sense considering she was right there at the airport being photographed. That’s like Linday Lohan asking to have sex with you and you telling her “I’m not here right now.”

The real reason for the cancellation is probably that the project is Chinese funded and is directly related to Fan’s tax evasion scandal where they used this type of contract. And China is not about to let people think they’re soft.

Which is too bad for Bruce Willis because he’s probably not going to make his quota of god awful direct to DVD releases this year.

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