Ice-T Has a Sense of Humor on Social Media About His Arrest

Ice-T got arrested yesterday. You’d think that would be a major headline, but he was arrested because he forgot to put his E-Z Pass in his new car and got pulled over and arrested when he went through the E-Z Pass lane at a toll booth. He was charged with theft of services and got a ticket for not having plates on his new car and was released. Honestly, probably no big deal.

But it’s a slow news day, aside from, you know, a domestic terrorist sending pipe bombs to two former US Presidents, so Ice’s arrested made the news, and Ice was pretty amused by that.

That’s adorable, Ice’s daughter looks so happy on that roller coaster. And she types really well for a 2-year-old.

But seriously, the actual news reported on Ice-T getting a ticket, not just us and TMZ. He seemed amused by it.

And of course, Ice had to deal with people giving him s**t. But he’s a classy guy.

That guy does look pretty dumb.

Don’t worry Ice, we still love you. I’m sure that’s very important to you, so you can rest easy now.

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