If Gigi Hadid Isn’t Comfortable Being Naked, What Chance Do We Mere Mortals Have?

Gigi Hadid is a supermodel and has 43 million followers on Instagram, but she still doesn’t like
being naked. In fact, she doesn’t seem to be very happy with her body at all. Page Six had details
from a Vogue conference where she opened up about it.

“I loved my body when I was curvier and then as I lost it people were still mean. Yeah, I know I’m skinny,” Hadid said, addressing her haters. “I’m looking in the mirror, I’m trying to eat burgers and do squats. I want an ass, too. I get it, I got it, thank you.”


“Some people are empowered and excited to be naked, and that is amazing. I wish I was one of those people, and I’m not one of those people, and I’ve accepted that about myself and that’s OK.”

Not that she needs to ask us, but we don’t think Gigi needs to change a thing.

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