Is Kim Kardashian Trying to Make Her Ass Look Smaller?

Kim Kardashian is famous for one thing, and that thing is having a big ass. But in her latest Instagram photo shoot to promote her make-up line, Kim’s ass looks… smaller. Kind of regular sized, even. The ass of a peasant, not of someone who made a fortune showing off her ass and doing water sports with rappers.

I mean, I dunno, it’s fine, I guess, it just seems different. It’s like the Dick Sargent of asses. Instagram commenters were quick to comment on the look, and I’ve got some of the comments people left below.

Millions spent in plastic surgery to photoshop your butt to look like pre-surgery? Could have saved a small fortune but I guess when ur bipolar hubby is running for office, it’s icing on the cake lol

#Photoshopfail of 2018.. who said Kim wasn’t talented still? Lol

what if they didn’t photoshop her butt but she actually took out all the implants and that’s her REAL butt? Anyone think of that? No one has really seen her real butt before so maybe she removed all the fake ish! I’m just saying🤷🏽‍♀️

Uh photoshop much?

This whole picture is photoshopped and off for all kinds of reason.

You pay all that $$$ to have a fake body.. but yet you take this picture and all of a sudden your butt is normal??? Come in Kim make up your mind already… you keep changing every week. Just be you hunny!

One thing no one considered is it’s probably just the angle she’s sitting at.

Her ass really doesn’t look any smaller in other pictures, so I’m guessing it wasn’t plastic surgery. Wait… asstic surgery. It could also be Photoshop, but that wouldn’t make a lot of sense, either. If anything, you’d think Kim would Photoshop her ass to look bigger. That’s why I’m going with the camera angle being the culprit.

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