Kanye West is Eating Bugs Now

Welcome back to Kanye Week here at The Blemish. We weren’t planning on spending a week covering Kanye, but he keeps doing stupid s**t, even for Kanye.

Today Kanye West is eating bugs. I’m not even making this up, Kanye West went on Instagram and said “Hey everybody, I’m gonna eat some bugs!”

I mean, I’m glad his dad is okay and hopefully he remains cancer-free. But if I had just beaten cancer and my multi-millionaire rapper son took me out to dinner and I sat down to a plate of bugs, I’d take my belt off and whoop his ass right in front of everyone in the restaurant. I don’t even believe in spanking children, but when an adult gives you a plate of bugs for dinner that’s the proper response.

Anyone want to take bets on what Kanye is going to do tomorrow? My guess is going to punch a baby. Just really haul off and pop a baby in the mouth. And then like, yell at the mother, going “What are you doing, you have to teach your baby how to take a punch! What kind of parent has a baby that cries this much after getting punched!” And then he’ll do an interview about how he’s the best at punching babies.

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