Kanye West’s Stupidity Tour 2018 Continues as He Gets on a Table and Rants About Elon Musk

NBC / Jimmy Kimmel

Kanye Week continues. I honestly thought I had written my last article about Kanye West for the week when he took his dad out for a bug dinner yesterday. And yet here we are. It’s Friday and we’ve got another story of Kanye West being, well, Kanye West.

Kanye went to the College for Creative Studies in Detroit for what, were he literally anyone else, would have been an uneventful visit where a celebrity comes to a school, looks at what the students are doing, and gives them empty platitudes about how thy can achieve their dreams.

And that’s exactly what Kanye posted on his Twitter account. He looked at what students in a drafting class were doing. It’s cute. But that’s not the only thing Kanye did while he was there, because he’s Kanye.

No, Kanye got up on a table and started yelling about Elon Musk, saying “Leave that man the f**k alone.” Probably not a great message days after Musk narrowly avoided prison for manipulating the price of Tesla stock to screw with short sellers. Hilariously, while Kanye was doing that, Musk was ranting on Twitter about how much he hates short sellers and the SEC.

Musk says his problem with short sellers is that they’re incentivized to hurt the price of a stock. I’m sure they are, but it also doesn’t hurt the price as much as Elon Musk tweeting hurts Tesla’s stock price. Seriously, Tesla closed down almost 13 points yesterday, mainly because of Elon Musk being dumb on Twitter.

I want to like Kanye West. Just look at him?

Who sees that and doesn’t want him to succeed? And to pinch his cheeks.

I can tolerate liking Donald Trump, that’s just regular rich asshole behavior. But Elon Musk is one minor accident away from being a super villain. He’s got his own space program, that’s how Moonraker started. If you told me Musk was calling his next business SMERSH, I wouldn’t be surprised. You have to do better Kanye, but I know I’m going to come in to the office on Monday and find out you were running around in a coat made out of live cats and having sex with a parked car. With, not in, that was not a typo.

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