Lady Gaga’s Fans Have Internalized Her Message of Acceptance to Mean They Should Spam False Reviews of ‘Venom’ on Twitter

There’s trouble in Gaga-land, as, not content to be the focus of what’s almost unanimously considered to be the worst episode of The Simpsons ever (and they’ve done like half a dozen clip shows), Lady Gaga is staring in a remake of A Star is Born directed by Bradley Cooper. And her fans are worried that she might be upstaged by Tom Hardy’s comic book movie Venom, about the popular Spider-Man villain.

So Gaga’s fans have done the sensible thing and are using bots to flood Twitter with fake negative reviews of Venom.

Buzzfeed talked one of the twitter accounts copying and pasting these reviews and the person behind it admitted Gaga fans were trying to build negative word of mouth for Venom so Gaga’s film would open higher (it won’t).

However, another user, who identified themselves only as @LGMonster95, said that there had been a coordinated effort.

“It’s us Gaga fans creating fake IDs to trash the Venom premiere,” they said. “They both are getting released on the same day, so we want more audience for A Star Is Born.”

The thing is, at least according to Rotten Tomatoes, A Star is Born is a much better movie than Venom, which has been critically panned with a fairly low 29% fresh rating at the time of writing.

Despite the negative reviews and the efforts of Gaga’s fans, Venom is projected to open with a $165 million worldwide, and as much as $70 domestically, which would make it the highest rated opening ever in the month of October. A Star is Born looks to be opening at around half of that, according to The Wrap.

Lady Gaga’s fans are incredibly toxic, but you never hear about it because they’re all young girls. They’ve harassed more people off of social media than Star Wars fans, but there are countless think pieces about how horrible it is that people didn’t like The Last Jedi, which was the second worst Star Wars film and nothing about people who like the meat dress lady. They’re consuming, and behavior is only toxic when the people engaged in it threaten to stop consuming.

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