Lindsay Lohan Got Knocked Out Trying to Steal a Woman’s Children

The year is 2019. A mother looks at her young son and says “You better behave. You need to eat your vegetables, brush your teeth and wash behind your ears, because if you don’t, Lindsay Lohan will come and snatch you away.” The child turns as white as a sheet and says “I’ll behave mommy, please, anything but that!”

If it seems far-fetched that someone would use Lindsay Lohan as an example of a child-snatching boogeyman, but now that she’s tried to actually steal a child, it becomes a little more believable.

TMZ had some background information on the video in which Lindsay gets punched in the face and knocked down by a mother after trying to take her son, who Lohan claimed was being trafficked.

Lindsay, who was in Moscow, gets out of her car and approaches the family — 2 boys and their parents. She says they’re Syrian refugees who need help.

Then it turns … LiLo accuses them of trafficking their kids, as she speaks in both English and Arabic. At one point she says, “You’re ruining Arabic culture.”

It seems like the reason Lohan came to the conclusion that these children were being trafficked is that they’re Arab and… that’s it. And after she picks herself up off the pavement, she talks about how scared she was. Think about how scared the kids she tried to take were. The only person in that video who looks like a child trafficker is Lindsay Lohan. She’s a white woman in Russia with an unplaceable accent who tried to abscond with two children she saw walking down the street. The only thing separating her from a generic child abductor is a windowless white van or a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for The Usual Suspects.

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