Mark Ruffalo Snuck Into Comic Con in a Hilarious ‘Gravity Falls’ Costume

New York Comic Con was this weekend, and Mark Ruffalo snuck in disguised as Grunkle Stan from Gravity Falls. Ruffalo wanted to hang out incognito, and he took a picture with Aquaman star Jason Momoa before revealing who was under the mask.

Ruffalo also took pictures in and out of his costume with groups of kids as well as my two childhood crushes, Boy Meets World stars Danielle Fishel and Will Friedel. And I guess Ben Savage was there too or something.

Of course, news of what his disguise was got back to Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch, who recorded his own really cute video with a Grunkle Stan puppet.

Man, I never noticed until just now that Grunkle Stan and Rick from Rick and Morty are just two different guys doing the same voice. I knew Hirsch and Justin Roiland were friends, but it’s all I can hear now.

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