Megyn Kelly Got Dropped by Her Agency and Her NBC Show Is Ending After She Defended Blackface Costumes

It’s probably not a good idea to defend blackface Halloween costumes. You know, because of how super racist it is. This is a lesson Megyn Kelly learned yesterday, which is weird, because she’s 47 and you’d think it would have come up by now. Turns out that while that might fly on Fox News, she’s on NBC now and they actually expect their on-air talent to be decent human beings.

Things have not gone great for the Today host since that segment aired. She was forced to open her show with an apology, and one that made her look like a moron at that.

I’m Megyn Kelly and I want to begin with two words: I’m sorry. I learned that given the history of blackface being used in awful ways by racists in this country, it is not okay for that to be part of any costume, Halloween or otherwise.

How does someone live 47 years and work as a news anchor and not learn blackface is racist? Megyn Kelly, by her own words, just found out today that racists used blackface to be racist.

Things got worse for Kelly, as reports are swirling that her show is going to end and she was dropped by her agency, CAA. Now, NBC reported that she fired her agent, but come on, do you actually believe that’s how it went down? She had a huge faux pas and her reaction is to fire the dude in charge of making her look good? She was planning on signing with UTA, but they said no thank you. Well, there’s still William Morris and GERSH, Megyn.

As for her show, Kelly was in talks with NBC to move on from the show anyway, and that talk appears to have gone from discussion to “oh, yeah, we’re absolutely not renewing your contract now.” Variety reported that “both sides have grown weary of the intense scrutiny being placed on her morning program.” So while Kelly isn’t being fired and probably wouldn’t have stayed at her current show anyway, it appears that staying isn’t an option anyway. But as long as her Halloween costume isn’t Lester Holt, she’ll probably remain at NBC in the news division. So maybe 50-50 odds.

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4 years ago

Maybe read her actual comments. And then ask if it is racist the next time a little AA girl dresses up like Elsa from Frozen. White face, right? I mean holy s**t, our society keeps killing things instead of trying to have learning moments. It;s not enough to have a discourse. You have to annihilate an offender. And then we wonder how a guy like Trump gets elected.

We are the enemy. We keep digging a deeper hole with stupidity.

4 years ago

Totally unacceptable by anyone anywhere at anytime. Look at what happened to Jimmy Fallon and Kimmel:

They lost their shows too and are no longer on the air.