Miss Universe Ariadna Gutierrez Is Maxim Colombia’s Newest Cover Girl

I’m kind of surprised that Maxim still exists as a magazine. In an age of free access to internet porn, I doubt many high school boys are paying $4 for pictures of women who are entirely covered up. That’s not even porn, it’s just any thirst trap’s Instagram account.

But Maxim has somehow managed to survive and Maxim Colombia is showcasing former Miss Universe Ariadna Gutierrez on the cover of its newest issue.

You may remember her as the woman Steve Harvey incorrectly named Miss Universe when she was actually the first runner up. The actual Miss Universe 2015 was Moonlight.

Gutierrez was a real class act during that, she didn’t say “What the f**k, dude?” even once, which I would have done. If you don’t live in Colombia or don’t want to shell out 12,500 Colombian Pesos for the new issue of Maxim, just scroll down to see what she’s been posting to her Instagram recently.

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