Previewing Insomniac’s Escape: Psycho Circus

Do you like the feeling you get when the bass rushes from the floor through your body as a thousand ghouls from your nightmares stare down at you dancing with epileptic joy? Do you like it better when you’re not on some weird acid trip in your friend’s yard? Then you might like Insomniac’s yearly Escape: Psycho Circus. As you can tell by the trailer they recently released, a Taylor Swift show, this is not. Unless Taylor Swift went goth and started pumping her fists after each drop on hertrack.

Every year Insomniac puts on their annual Halloween rave which means instead of just sweaty bodies dancing next to you. It’s going to be sweaty bodies with runny ghost makeup dancing next to you. Sounds… fantastic? I mean. Sounds fantastic!

The focal points of Psycho Circus is its actual freak show and the Asylum, a fully “interactive” haunted maze where they put you in a straitjacket and and mask and make you walk through a hospital maze. It actually sounds fun because if there’s one thing about haunted mazes that I hate, it’s having the use of my hands. “God, why was I born with these things?!,” I always ask myself as I run away shrieking from a man in a clown costume.

The lineup for this year includes Kaskade, Martin Garrix, Seven Lions, Joyryde, Excision, Kayzo, Diplo, Galantis, Tchami X Malaa, Saymyname, Zeds Dead and a lot more. Basically it’s a huge theme party where if you like Halloween and you like dance music, you should check it out. Also because I might be there. Listen for the one shrieking the loudest to find me.

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