Rapper Jon James Is Dead at 34 After Falling Off of an Airplane in Flight

It’s not every day you hear about someone falling off an airplane to their death. Notice I didn’t say “out of,” I said “off of.” As in “Jon James, rapper and dumbass, died when he fell off of a plane that he was walking on the outside of while it was in flight.”

James apparently did this sort of thing all the time, his music video for his song “Hello” featured him rapping while skydiving.

Apparently, Vanilla Ice didn’t come to Canada until just recently.

The CBC explained how the stunt went wrong.

McMurray planned to walk on the wing of a small Cessna plane while rapping for the video. During the shoot, he walked too far out on the wing and sent the aircraft into a downward spiral.

The artist fell and didn’t have time to pull his parachute. He died on impact.

The pilot was able to right the plane and no one else was hurt.

By all accounts, James was a nice guy, and it’s sad that he died. But maybe walking on the wings of one of those John Denver killing propeller planes isn’t the best idea, especially if you’re a musician. Just ask Buddy Holly or The Big Bopper. Oh wait, you can’t, because those little things aren’t even that safe to be on the inside of, much less walking around outside on it.

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