Ridiculous Man-Shaped Pile of Goo Piers Morgan Doesn’t Think Daniel Craig Is Manly

As you may know, Daniel Craig recently had a daughter with his wife Rachel Weisz. He was spotted out and about with his little one in a baby bjorn, which I think is adorable. Piers Morgan didn’t think the picture was very manly though.

I’m kind of surprised Piers Morgan saw the picture to begin with since it wasn’t on Paul McCartney’s voicemail.

Anyway, Piers thought Daniel Craig was very unmanly carrying a baby in a papoose, and to prove his point he carried a baby doll around in public like a real man.

Yeah, that is a picture that lets everyone know you have a regular-size penis that works without taking any pills right there. Women swoon at the manly sight of a red-faced buffoon with a baby doll. And where did the baby doll come from? They don’t have those things just lying around backstage, he either brought that thing from home or mugged a toddler.

Yes, Piers, we all know you have a solid three inches. Maybe three and a half on a good day. But even if we assume that there are infinite parallel universes in which everything that possibly could happen has happened, there isn’t one of them in which Piers Morgan is more of a man than Daniel Craig.

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