Model Robyn Lawley Wants You to Join Her in Boycotting Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret has always been about the idea of sexy. They put purchases in those distinctive pink striped bags for a reason, and it’s to say “hey, there’s something sexy in here, you’re gonna have a good night if your partner is bringing one of these bags home.”

Robyn Lawley has something to say about Victoria’s Secret’s idea of sexy, though, and it’s that there’s a lot of things and people who are sexy that the famous brand has been ignoring.

Yes, Lawley is calling for a boycott of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and competing lingerie company ThirdLove is making donations for everyone that uses her #WeAreAllAngels hashtag, which is also being used to promote the play Angels in America, so, you know, always check your hashtags before you use them, very important step.

I think the most shocking thing here is that Robin Lawley, who describes herself as 6’2″ and a size 14 on her Instagram, is a plus-sized model. And she’s almost too big to be plus-sized.

That is not that picture I have in my head when someone says “plus-sized model.”

It’s so crazy to me that the fashion industry can’t imagine women being any bigger than Robyn. I’m way bigger than she is and I can just buy whatever I need right off the rack. Hey, I think I understand what sexism is now.

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