Spitgate Is Over, Rondo Did It

During Saturday’s game between the Lakers and Rockets, Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul got into it and started throwing punches. Paul says Rondo spat in his face. Which he did. It was a really well hidden spit. Like a spit you’d do on the playground to not get into trouble because there would be no witnesses. Unfortunately, there’s these things called HD cameras.

Weak punches though.

This resulted in suspensions for both Rondo and Paul as well as Brandon Ingram.

“Ingram has been suspended for aggressively returning to and escalating the altercation and throwing a punch in the direction of Paul, confronting a game official in a hostile manner, and instigating the overall incident by shoving Rockets guard James Harden,” the league said in a statement. “Rondo has been suspended for instigating a physical altercation with, and spitting and throwing multiple punches at, Paul. Paul has been suspended for poking at and making contact with the face of Rondo, and throwing multiple punches at him.”

If you’re going to get suspended for spitting, at least make it a good one. Not like some flecks on some guy’s face. I’m looking for man spit. A big loogie. Something that slowly runs down the other man’s face. Something that needs a towel to clean up.

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