The Being Formally Known as Kanye West Is Back on His Bullshit

It’s been a big weekend for Kanye West’s particular brand of saying dumb s**t that kind of sounds smart if you squint at it. He started by changing his name to “Ye” and missing the release date for his new album Yandhi that he had announced two days earlier.

A lot of people made the exact same joke about this, including Arrested Development star David Cross.

Seriously, everyone had one of these by Saturday evening. Then he dressed up like a bottle of Perrier to perform on Saturday Night Live.

At the end of the show, he gave a long-winded political speech about why his buddy Donald Trump is awesome, saying among other things “I’ma break it down to you right now: If someone inspires me and I connect with them, I don’t have to believe in all their policies.” Which explains a lot.

For most people, that would have been enough making yourself look like an asshole for one weekend. He could have kicked back and taken Sunday off to spend time with his wife and kids confident that he had done a good job of reminding everyone that he is, in fact, a twat.

But that’s not who Kanye West is. Kanye West has standards. Kanye West is a genius. And that’s why Kanye West accidentally said we should bring back slavery.

Okay, so Kanye has a bit of a point here, because the 13th Amendment does contain a provision that allows slavery to continue as long as only inmates are used as slaves. Hillary Clinton had some slaves to help around the governor’s mansion when she was first lady of Arkansas, for example.

The problem is that repealing the 13th Amendment wouldn’t end the use of prisoners as slave labor, it would just make slavery legal writ large. This is a thing Kanye doesn’t seem to realize, because even though he makes a good point about the unethical use of prison labor, he’s perhaps not the best messenger.

The lesson here is not to listen to celebrities talk about politics. You know, except for the ones who agree with me. So just Susan Sarandon and Cardi B.

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