There’s About to Be a Little Amy Schumer Running Around: The ‘Trainwreck’ Star Is Having a Baby

You know, I tend to give Amy Schumer a hard time just because she occasionally says dumb s**t, but I do honestly like her. Her newer material isn’t as funny as her older stuff, but Amy Schumer’s worst joke is better than Hannah Gadsby’s best joke and Inside Amy Schumer was maybe the best show done in that “Comedy Central format” since the original, Chapelle’s Show.

So it’s without irony that I tell you I’m genuinely happy to report that Amy Schumer and her new husband Chris Fischer are expecting their first child.

Schumer made the announcement on social media, first posting this image on Instagram that shows her and her husband’s heads photoshopped on Prince Hary and Meghan Markle’s bodies. Amy’s really never looked better.

Jessica Yellin’s Instagram page hosted this list of candidates Schumer is recommending people vote for in the upcoming midterm election, which Amy has since posted on her own Twitter account.

Amy really likes those middle-of-the-road Democrats who won’t do anything crazy like raise her taxes to pay for frivolous things like medicine for poor people. But you’ll notice that the last entry on the list is “I’m pregnant – Amy Schumer.”

So good for Amy and her husband. He’s a James Beard award-winning chef, you know, he worked for Mario Batali. They seem like a perfect couple.

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