Tom Cruise Won’t Talk to His Own Daughter Because She’s Not a Scientologist

One of the reasons you can tell Scientology isn’t the same as other religions is that Tom Cruise is a huge weirdo. Chris Pratt is annoying religious, too, but all he does is pray for Kevin Smith and be super nice to people. Even Mel Gibson isn’t as weird as Tom Cruise; sure, he’s kind of racist but he never jumped up and down on Oprah’s couch to let everyone know how manly and heterosexual he is.

Tom Cruise has a daughter, and you may remember it being kind of a big deal when she was born. People love celebrity babies the way Tom Cruise loves being David Miscavige’s large adult son. But Tom Cruise hasn’t seen his daughter in years even though his custody agreement says he’s allowed to have for 10 days a month, according to a report in Us Weekly.

“Every person is allowed to see their child if they wanted to,” the source tells Us, revealing custody of the 12-year-old is outlined in his divorce agreement with Katie Holmes. “He chooses not to because she is not a Scientologist.”

How messed up is that? He names the girl Suri like it’s an actual name a person might have and then he stops being involved with her because she, at age 7, isn’t a Scientologist. Tom Hanks wouldn’t pull that s**t, he’s easily the best Tom. Cruise allegedly just uses his daughter as a bargaining chip to make sure his ex-wife doesn’t start hanging out with Leah Remini. No, really.

“I’m sure her father, who’s a smart attorney, has probably told her that hanging out with Leah would be considered disparaging the church in the eyes of Tom and the church,” Ortega tells Us. “We were all hoping that eventually Katie would say more and that we’d see them together, but Leah has gone on to become this real lightning rod for exposing Scientology’s abuses, and I think Katie just wants to keep the life she has right now with Suri and not get in a big fight with the church.”

Remini, who publicly left the church in 2013, recently claimed Holmes is not “allowed to have a meal” with her because she could “lose custody of Suri.”

Tom Cruise is the Scientology equivalent of one of those super strict Christian or Muslim families that kicks their kid out of the house when they’re 14 because they found out the kid is gay. But instead of playing doctor with another girl, Cruise caught his daughter playing psychologist instead of having her thetans examined with an e-meter to ward off Xenu or whatever.

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