Too Short Says He ‘Doesn’t Agree’ Eazy-E Died of AIDS Complications

Eazy-E died of complications from AIDS over 20 years ago, but his death his still surrounded by conspiracy theories. Probably mainly because Suge Knight basically admitted to everyone on Jimmy Kimmel that he gave Eazy-E AIDS.

Man, has a musician ever died without a theory that Suge Knight was involved? Do we know where he was when Hendrix died? Did Suge give Mama Cass that ham sandwich? Is it possible he was flying The Big Bopper and Buddy Holly’s plane?

Of course, there are some people who think Eazy-E didn’t die of AIDS at all. He did somewhat suddenly announce he had AIDS shortly before he died, right around the time Magic Johnson announced he had AIDS. Of course, a lot of people died of AIDS complications since Magic Johnson got the disease, so it doesn’t really prove anything. He also didn’t give anyone else AIDS, despite getting at least one woman pregnant who gave birth after he died and neither she nor the baby had AIDS.

One person who seems to believe that is rapper Too $hort, who’s out promoting an upcoming album. He talked to Page Six about Eazy-E, whom he was friends with, and he said something interesting about his death.

Eazy died of complication from AIDS in 1995, but $hort told us, “I don’t necessarily agree.”

He added, cryptically, “I don’t really want to get into that right now. But that is not how I think it happened.”

Eazy-E was a great rapper and he’s missed, and it’s tragic he died so young, which probably fuels conspiracy theories around his death. Well, that and proximity to Suge Knight, who is in jail for murder anyway. Again. But nothing impossible happened with Eazy-E’s death. Unlikely, sure, but not impossible.

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