Wanna Be a Female Cop in Indonesia? Be Prepared to Have Fingers Jammed Into Your Vagina

If you’re planning to get arrested by a woman, go to Indonesia. They have the most beautiful virginal female police officers. If you’re planning to be a female police officer, don’t go to Indonesia. Before you can become one, some guy is going to stick two fingers into your vag and ass to make sure you’re a virgin. Don’t ask me why they also need to check the ass. I’m assuming that’s just a cherry on top of their perversion. Of course, none of these tests are recorded due to all these snitches.

Why is this a thing anyway? Human Rights Watch says Indonesian police believe society won’t accept a woman cop who has an active sex life or was an active sex worker or is ugly. Which makes sense because if I ever get arrested by a woman, I’m going to ask if they’re a virgin and if they say no, I’m gonna start running.

But how are these virgin tests are done exactly? Here’s a hint. It’s not a Q&A.

The test is conducted by inserting two fingers into the vagina to see if the woman’s hymen is still intact — a method which has long been criticised as invasive while also not being able to accurately determine a woman’s virginity either.

If you’re wondering, no, these tests are not conducted by a medical doctor either. Why have anything about this make any sense.

A first hand account from an Indonesian woman named Zakia said she failed the test and, by the way she described it, the test wasn’t just a quick checkup.

They didn’t just insert their fingers into my vagina, but also into my anus. They kept probing … it was extremely painful

Welp, we just went from assault-ish odd practice from another country to sexual assault. Says Zakia, “The test shows that we as women can protect ourselves and therefore we are capable of protecting other people.”

And it’s not just the police force that does this. It’s the military as well.

“Many military generals believe that the hymen is like a clock, if the hymen is torn between 11:00am to 2:00pm it’s mostly because of physical activities … but if the hymen is torn at 6:00pm it means the woman has an sexual life,” Mr Harsono said, detailing the unscientific mentality and justifications often given after the procedure.

If some grinning weirdo shoving his fingers into your pussy and ass and turning them around like a blender wasn’t enough, you’re also required to parade around a male committee so they can judge how big your tits are and if you’re pretty enough.

And this doesn’t even cover what happens if you actually make it in. You have to stay unmarried the first two years and get a letter of permission from your husband if you are married. Then once you start getting older and uglier, they basically retire you from the public eye.

So to summarize, Indonesia is all sorts of fucked up.

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