Whoopi Goldberg Promised Neil Patrick Harris Sex When He Was 15

As we’re all aware, Disney fired James Gunn because he made some off-color jokes about pedophilia like, ten years ago. This policy of firing major talents for making that sort of joke seems to be somewhat unevenly applied now that we’ve discovered Whoopi Goldberg made a similar joke to Neil Patrick Harris when he was 15 or 16 and they filmed a movie together.

During an interview on The View, Harris recalled filming the movie with her, then relayed, “She told me, I was 15, 16 years old, she told me on my last day of shooting that in 10 years’ time she was going to have sex with me,” to which Goldberg replied “I might’ve.”

Harris laughed and said “And so I wanna know what’s happening,” and Whoopi explained what she said, telling everyone “He had many questions as a kid, so I said listen, wait 10 years, and I’ll take you through it. In those days, you could actually have some fun like that. You can’t do that now. People get very upset now.” Neil was a good sport, replying “Hey, I was not offended, I’m looking forward to it.”

That is the sort of thing people would get all bent out of shape about nowadays, even though it was a harmless joke. It was also funnier than any of Gunn’s jokes, you’d think someone who worked at Troma would be better at telling offensive jokes than the nice afternoon TV lady.

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3 years ago

A vomir cette Whoopi de merde !

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