Aaron Carter Takes to Twitter to Yell About Kids Today

Former teen pop star, Aaron Carter took to social media this week to complain about the youth of today. In his tirade, Carter claims that he paved the way for Justin Bieber and no one has congratulated him for it. Here’s what Carter had to say on Twitter.

Listen man. I can’t sit here & just not say anything to that, I’ve been in this industry before he was born. I’ve had harder times and always bounce back. No I’m not Justin Bieber I’m Aaron Carter. I’m also in construction 🚧 I paved the way. These kids have NEVER paid me homage.

I’m around the same age as Aaron Carter, and yes, I do remember how famous Aaron Carter was among fellow thirteen-year-old girls. Yes, yes, I admit that I, too, once jammed out to “I Want Candy.” I’ll even go so far as to say that yes, Aaron Carter probably did have a small role in clearing the way for fellow punk-ass pops star, Justin Bieber.

But even though I was a fan in my middle school heyday, Aaron Carter kind of dropped off the radar after 2003. He was famous for his one tween album, and then he cheated on Hilary Duff with Lindsay Lohan (Remember the drama, the horror, and sheer scandal, fellow millennials??).

Carter also is quick to forget who paved the way for HIM. Obviously, this would be his older brother, Nick Carter of The Backstreet Boys.

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