Blac Chyna Got Into A Parking Lot Fight While She Was Selling Skin Bleach

Blac Chyna has been working overtime to make ends meet now that she’s going to have to pay Rob Kardashian alimony. Her most recent venture is going to Nigeria to be the spokesperson for skin lightening cream.

This move has been somewhat controversial, I assume because the cream has such a dumb name. I mean really…. Whitenicious. It sounds like the name a skin bleach would have on a Mad TV sketch. Yeah, that’s right, it’s so dumb it sounds like it’s from a TV show that got cancelled 15 years ago and no one watched it while it was on.

A funny thing happened while Blac Chyna was in Nigeria to promote this product, though: She got in a fist fight in a parking lot. See, I said funny, not “unexpected,” “uncharacteristic” or “out of line with what you’d expect from someone who slept with Rob Kardashian.”

This isn’t really verified, but that does look like it’s Blac Chyna. And getting in a fight in a parking lot is very much the sort of thing she’s likely to do.

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