Watch Cara Delevingne with a Shaved Head Acting Like Gollum

Any time you think a girl is super hot, just remember they get diarrhea too. Or they do things like shave their head and screech like Gollum from¬†The Lord of the Rings. That’s what Cara Delevingne did.¬†Delevingne is a supermodel, but in this throwback Instagram she posted, she’s more super creepy.

I’d still do her. This could actually be a turn on.

Delevingne has been keeping busy this year. She posed nude in Esquire, which let’s call that the high point.

She’s also made the tabloids with her dating life. There was Paris Jackson (maybe a dalliance). Then she moved onto dating Ashley Benson. The two were spotted in London “wearing matching rings on their wedding fingers.” That means bone city for sure.

This Cara Delevingne Gollum video has me thinking Cara probably eats her boogers. Just a thought.

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