Driving and Snapchatting Results In Iggy Azalea Getting Sued

We haven’t heard much from rapper Iggy Azalea in awhile. She really hasn’t had any major hits since “Fancy” invaded the airwaves in 2014 and drilled itself into our brains. And she did that one collaboration with Jennifer Lopez for “Booty” around the same time.

Azalea did team up with Britney Spears in 2015, for a single called “Pretty Girls” which flopped, and for good reason. I should know, I watched the music video for reference and had to chug a bottle of wine to make the pain stop. It actually made me cry, completely unironically because it hurt so much. I had to go watch The Haunting of Hill House with my roommates because as creepy as that show is, it does not compare to the horror that is “Pretty Girls.  I can only hope that the sweet numbing balm of alcohol will provide relief (if you’re a masochist like me, feel free to check it out the video!).

Azalea’s had some song releases in the last few years, but nothing with any real momentum. But now Iggy Azalea is back in the news, but not for anything positive. She’s being sued for a motor accident that caused injuries due to negligent driving.

Technically, it wasn’t Iggy Azalea herself driving the car. It was the younger brother of the rapper’s ex-boyfriend, who was behind the wheel of her Jeep Wrangler. In November 2016, Ayoub Kharbouch, the then eighteen-year-old brother of Azalea’s ex-boyfriend, French Montana was driving Azalea’s car through West Hollywood and struck rollerblader Jeffrey Linnett. How did this accident occur? Snapchatting while behind the wheel. Fucking. Christ.

Although Azalea wasn’t driving, she’s still viewed as culpable for Linnett’s injuries since the car was registered in her name. And I think we can safely assume that Kharbouch was not an insured driver. Not to worry, though. Jeffrey Linnett has assured everyone that he still plans on suing Kharbouch for his role in the accident as well. The lesson here, guys (besides don’t drive and Snapchat, you fucking moron)? Don’t let your boyfriend’s teenage, uninsured brother drive your car. Because if he gets into an accident, and you break up with your boyfriend, things will get awkward fast. It’s like if your boyfriend gave you gonorrhea, and you suddenly find yourself having to pay for your treatment and his.

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