Hey, It’s Me, Chris Brown. Remember When I Punched You In the Face?

I think everyone can agree that Chris Brown is among the biggest garbage humans in this word. Things started to go poorly for Brown right after he violently beat his then-girlfriend, Rihanna in 2009. Once his true colors as a scum-sucking, s**t-spewing, and overall horrendous piece of trash were revealed, Brown’s reputation took somewhat of a downturn.

Since 2009, Chris Brown abandoned any pretense of being a respected artist, or human being for that matter. He’s been involved in multiple altercations, brawls, assaults, legal disputes, the list goes on. Chris Brown is now shunned by most celebrities, and by most civilized society.

Brown has never been allowed to forget what he did to Rihanna (nor should he), and the public will pointedly remind him of this anytime he caught creeping on his ex’s Instagram. Such as today, when Rihanna posted this photo of herself:

Rihanna’s fans quickly noticed that Chris Brown had left a bug-eyed flushed emoji in response to her photo. And fans wasted no time springing into attack-mode:

Yes, I think people everywhere can agree that Chris Brown is the nightmare ex-boyfriend every woman prays she never has. The one who was terrifying and abusive, and won’t go the f**k away. Rihanna, I don’t care if you’ve forgiven him for attacking you. For the love of God, block that son of a bitch from all of your social media. In fact, I’m sure you could get a new restraining order if you need it. Think about it, honey.

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