Jameela Jamil Says Celebs Like Cardi B Hawking ‘Detox Teas’ Deserve to Crap Their Pants in Public

Jameela Jamil of The Good Place has had it up to HERE with celebrities trying to sell herbal detox teas.

This was in response to Cardi B recently becoming a spokesperson for a brand of detox teas. Cardi B claims to have used this tea to lose weight and get her body back post-pregnancy.

And Jameela Jamil has had just about enough of this nonsense. Why you ask? Because these weight loss teas have the nasty side effect of making you s**t. A ton.

Jamil is pissed off that celebrities are hawking diarrhea juice to vulnerable women with low self-esteem. She is quick to remind us that celebrities marketing this crap have a team of personal trainers and nutritionists behind them to help them look as good as they do. They rarely ingest this explosive s**t water but just promote it when they need cash.

Here’s what Jamil had to say:

“They got Cardi B on the laxative nonsense ‘detox’ tea. GOD I hope all these celebrities all s**t their pants in public, the way the poor women who buy this nonsense upon their recommendation do.”

“These ‘weight loss’ products like Flat Tummy Co, don’t make you thinner. They make you s**t. They give you diarrhea, which then gives you a flatter tummy for a day. THAT’S ALL.”

Well said, Jameela, well said. Ladies, unless you have crippling constipation, this crap is not for you. Unless you have some bizarre desire to be running to the toilet for twenty-four hours or risk shitting yourself at the next PTA meeting. And remember ladies, you already have a natural detox system in place. It’s called your liver.

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