Kendall Jenner Openly Insults Tristan Thompson to His Face to the Envy of Kardashian Fans Everywhere

Those Kardashians always seem to have a thing for athletes. Over the weekend, Kendall Jenner was courtside watching the Philadelphia 76ers play the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kendall’s boyfriend Ben Simmons plays for the 76ers while Khloe boyfriend (and father of her child), Tristan Thompson, plays for the Cavaliers.

Now, unless you’ve been living up on a space station with no access to celebrity news for the last eight months, Tristan Thompson committed the ultimate atrocity of cheating on his pregnant girlfriend with multiple women. And he was stupid enough to think he could cheat on a Kardashian and not get caught. Pray to God that Baby True does not inherit her father’s mental capacity.

Anyway, Kendall was distinctly seen booing Tristan Thompson at the game:

Now, some might think this could be just a jokey facade because her boyfriend was playing against Thompson and that Kendall was only pretending to boo Tristan in jest.

Yeah, that’s definitely a convenient ruse. I’m pretty sure this just gave Kendall the opportunity to insult Thompson to his face on behalf of herself, the Kardashians, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians fans everywhere. And this was a safe way to openly mock Thompson without upsetting big sister Khloe.

On the contrary, Khloe had a hearty laugh at her sister heckling her boyfriend:

While Khloe has given Thompson another chance, some part of me suspects that there’s still some resentment there. And finds it satisfactory that her little sister is freely insulting her nasty, cheating boyfriend.

Kendall was shown giving Tristan a hug after the game, as depicted here. But I am willing to bet that Kendall is also sending Thompson a message: “We’re watching you, motherfucker. The Kardashian Spy Network is reporting your every move to us. One misstep, and we’ll make True is the last child you ever father.”

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